Portland Oregon
October 2-4, 2009

2009 LAHS Reunion
Gray-Haired Teenagers

Johnny '60 & Sue Sager

Janie (Tester) '60 John Polm

Joe '61 & Eunice Auer

David '61 & Vlasta Ellerman

Karel Van Gelder '59

Jim '62 & Sharon Miletich

Carolyn (Jones) Stokley '59

Bob Bahr '61

Danny  '60 & Mavis Proud

Pat Bowman '61

Butch Ray '61

Gus Cummings '59

Bert '62 & JoJo (Turpin) '64 Hentschel

Diane Denmark '64

Barbara (Palmer) '58 & Joe Sherrill

Sandy (Bounds) '62 & Richard Callihan '61

Harry '62 & Connie Heflin

Jim  Finley '62

Sharon (Finley) Marcurro '65

Jack & Vickie (Triplet) '58 Bergstrom

Bill  '59 & Pattie Allshouse

Robbie '63 & Cheryl Salter

Denny '59 & Elena Ellerman

Drake Wells '59

Peter Hobiger '61

Josie Horn Waggoner '62

Bitsy '59 & Harry Edwards

Sue (Harris) '61  Wright

George  '61 & Diane Parton

Leslie (Bentley) '63 & Barry Horner

Ron '60 & Bridgett Bentley

Clayne '60 & Sharron Leitner


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Reunion 2009 Recap

Reunion 2009 is now history and most of us have returned to our normal patterns of life after a spectacular weekend of camaraderie, merriment and sightseeing in the Portland area.

Many of us ventured out during the cool autumn days to visit area attractions such as the Japanese and Rose Gardens, the Oak Knoll Winery, the Market, the many fine eateries and, not to forget, the excellent micro breweries that populated the streets within blocks of the hotel.  Oh yes, and this was the big weekend for the Portland Marathon – more on that later.
If you were here for the 1996 reunion you would not recognize the Hotel Fifty.  The hotel has undergone a complete renovation taking on a European flare.  The staff was tolerant of our sometimes boisterous moments in the hospitality room and they managed to assist us with our many requests throughout the weekend festivities.  Feedback from Johnny Sager after a post-event meeting with the hotel staff and event coordinator on Monday afternoon was that they thought we were “the best behaved group they have ever had”!  Boy we must really be getting old!

This was the second reunion that Johnny Sager hosted in Portland and it proved to be just as exciting and well planned as the first.  Congratulations are in order for Johnny and his hard working team consisting of Sue (Johnny’s wife), Janie (Tester) Polm and Bob Bahr.  A lot of work goes into making each reunion a success and this one was no exception.

Some 30 people rolled in early on Thursday to get a head start of the festivities and met at a local brewery, The Rock Bottom Brewery, for some food, drink and good ‘ole fun in the early evening that included shooting some pool (shades of the Teen Club).  Afterwards, we collected ourselves and walked the one block back to the hotel for more fun in our hospitality room.  Sometime shortly after 3 a.m. the last three persons retired for the evening.  No surprise here, it’s a tradition that some feel needs to be upheld.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we slowly made it to breakfast the next morning – some more alert than others.  With a little energy food in our stomachs we were ready to start another day – the first official day of the reunion.  Johnny and Janie made sure that the food and goodies were out each morning which was greatly appreciated.

This year was the 50th graduation anniversary for the class of 1959 and they turned out in record numbers.  Attending were:  Karel (Ray) Van Gelder; Gus Cummings; Carolyn (Jones) Stokley; Bill Allshouse; Denny Ellerman; Drake Wells and; Bitsy (Galvin) Edwards.  We did a special photo shoot of the class and celebrated with a cake that was adorned with their class graduation picture (nice job Karel).  Bill Allshouse provided hooded jackets, sweatshirts and tee shirts for each of his classmates that were inscribed with the school name and colors.  Bill, that was a special treat that you provided your fellow classmates with and you could see their reaction in their smiles of affection towards you.

Bill was not only special by supplying the apparel gifts; he also displayed his physical stamina by participating in the Portland Marathon on Sunday.  At 69 years of age, he’s a man of steel and we were proud to witness his accomplishment as we stood and watched him as he passed by our hotel several times during the course of his remarkable achievement.  Hats go off to Bill and congratulations for this achievement of completing his first Marathon during your 50th high school graduation anniversary reunion.

Friday started off in the usual fashion with breakfast in the hospitality room.  Afterwards, many of us headed out to explore the sights and events taking place in the greater Portland area.  Friday afternoon we had sandwiches catered in, compliments of Johnny’s daughter, Kim and a special salmon dip prepared by Kim’s husband, Brad.  Then it was outside for a special photo shoot for the class of ’59 as mentioned earlier followed by more celebration back in the hospitality room and the “cutting of the class cake.” 

Saturday, in traditional fashion, was the big day.  Breakfast as usual, followed by visitations to the local market and a trek to the countryside to taste a little wine at the Oak Knoll Winery.  Others went their own way in exploitation of their own interests and we all met back at the hospitality room in the early afternoon.
At 4:30 p.m. it was time for the big photo shoot where we, in a not-so-organized fashion, donned our Italy attire and proceeded outdoors to the river for group and class pictures.  After a bit we did manage to accomplish the mission before the sun set.  By the time we finished with pictures, we had to hustle back and get ready for dinner.  We had a delightful dinner in the hotel and pretty much had the dinning room to ourselves.  After dinner it was back to the hospitality room for more merriment and with tummies full, we relaxed for the balance of the evening and, once again, for some, the evening lasted well into the night.

Sunday did manage to arrive on time as we all awoke to the sounds of the Marathon runners and supporting cast as they passed by our hotel starting around 6:30 a.m.  Playfully as we are sometimes, a few of us managed to hop into the runners’ pack and pretend to participate for a couple of yards.  Then it was back onto the curbside to participate as spectators and cheer the runners on.  You may notice a few shots of our heroic effort in the pictures that follow.
Many of us that were still around at noon headed to Kell’s, an Irish Pub, for lunch and a parting beer.  Most had left for the airport by late Sunday afternoon but a few holdouts hung around for another night in Portland.  A total of 18 were still present for an evening meal at one of Portland’s finest downtown pizza tratatorias, Old Town Pizza.
As with most of our reunions they seem to pass way too quickly.  The good thing is that we will be having another one next year around the same time of year.  Next year’s reunion will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona and Butch Ray, Class of ’61, will be the coordinator.  You’ll be hearing more about the plans before long.

The GHT reunions started 19 years ago (1990) in Scottsdale and was held at the Mountain Shadows Marriott Resort.  Unfortunately, the Marriott resort has been acquired by another firm and is presently being refurbished and won’t be ready in time for our reunion so we will be holding it at the Chaparral Suites Resorts within walking distance to Old Town Scottsdale.  Next year will be our 20th anniversary of reunions and what better place to celebrate than returning to its birthplace, Scottsdale.

Hope to see all of you there,

Your Reunion Committee
Alumni Attending the 2009 Reunion in Portland
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Saturday Night Dinner at the Hotel
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