Look who participated in this year's reunion
Another reunion is now in the history books.  Harry and Connie were gracious hosts
for this year's reunion and found us the ideal location: The El Rey Court with a spectacular lodge for our meeting room. Our gratitude goes to both of them for the arrangements, rides, museum tickets and general guidance provided during the reunion days. Hats off to JoJo and Karel for their behind the scenes work - as usual they kept things financially organized and saw to it that we had plenty of food to nourish our bodies.  Libations were procured by Bert so we were always in good spirits.  This reunion also commenorated the 60th graduation for the class of '58.  Vicki Triplet Bergstrom, from the class of '58, had planned to attend by couldn’t make it at the last minute.  

Below are three short videos covering some of the fun times had by all at the reunion.
They cover the events of Day 1, Day 2 and the party hosted by Harry and Connie at their new home in the hills near Sante Fe.  Day 3 was pretty much a tourist day of the area.

Enjoy the videos...

An early reminder is that next year's reunion will be in Saint Augustine, FL and will be hosted by Ed and Frank Scarpace.  More information will be available at a later date.

Also, for you seafaring fans, there will be a sea cruise this coming April 7.  The cruise will be on the Holland America Line and will depart from Ft. Lauderdale for a 7-day cruise that includes the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cozumel, MX and the Cayman Islands.
More information about the cruise will be available shortly.
Reunion - Day One
Reunion - Day Two
Harry & Connie's House Party
Alumni/Spouses and Others that attended this year's reunion

Harry/ Connie Heflin '62
​Butch/ Barbara Ray '61
​JoJo/Bert Hentschel '62 '64
​Karel Van Gelder '59
​George/Diana Parton '61
​Sue/Dub Wright '61
​David/Vlasta Ellerman '61
​Jim/Sharon Miletich '62
​Denny Ellerman '59
​Joe/Eunice Auer '61
​Bitsy/Harry Edwards '59
​Johnny/Sue Sager '60
​Joe Fernan '61
​Nancy/Jim Proud Black '65
​Patricia/Bill(Willis) Polm '60
​Susie Smith '64
​Alfred/Linda Day '64
​Ann/Chris Green '64
​Dianne Denmark '64
​Frank/Peggy Scarpace '61
​Ed Scarpace '63
​Drake Wells '59
​Judi D'Agostino(?) '65
​Barbara/Jerry McCloskey Weeks '59 *
​Danny/Mavis Proud '60
​Richard Callihan '61
​Leslie/Barry Bentley Horner '63
​Anne/Terry Garretson Marshal '59 *
Bob Bahr '61

​* First Reunion